Your Hosted Store

At Brand Blitz we offer a full Brand and Merchandise store solution.
We free you from the need to run an online store, hold inventory and pick and dispatch orders.

What is a hosted store?

No need to find space to store bulk ordered merchandise, no picking and packing no need to work out postage, we handle it all! At Brand Blitz we offer a full Brand and Merchandise store solution. We work with you to create versions of your brand that are ready for embroidery and printing onto the wide selection of products we produce in-house. We setup and administer the store in-house and make the products to order and ship them directly to your clients and fans. Thus we radically reduce the inventory hold cost and make the custom store within reach of all.
We agree the type and frequency or reporting on sales and also how much you earn on each product.

Setup your Brand Artwork


We work with your to turn your Brand into embroidery patterns, printing setup etc. ready to use across our product range.

Choose your Products


You select and approve the products and the look of your Brand on each to create a catalogue for the store.

Launch the Store


We setup your store and we work together to launch it!
As people order we make, fulfill and ship the items from our UK workshop, warehouse and studio. 

Choose who can access your store

Do you want your store to be open to the public, or just by invite only?  We can password protect your store, so that only people with the password can access it.


We host stores for many groups, here are a few of the publicly accessible ones.